Decisions? Decisions! 3rd edition

Here is a Comprehensive Guide to Professionalism, Critical Thinking and Ethical Decision-Making for You! The 3rd edition includes guidelines to direct professional decisions, numerous case studies, and sample codes of ethical behavior.

What would you do...You interpret for one Deaf student in a Grade 11 Biology class. The class has been going on for approximately six months. The teacher is well versed in the use of an interpreter and works well with the Deaf student. You have a good working relationship with the teacher. It happens one day that the class is doing a lab that absolutely necessitates working in partners.

Students cannot work alone or in groups of three. For safety reasons the teacher cannot be a partner to a student and must supervise the lab. The lab cannot be made up at another time because of scheduling and lack of required resources. The Deaf student is left without a partner. The teacher asks you if you could partner with the student just this one time, I know you aren't supposed to but I'm really stuck. What are the ethical issues here? What are your options? What would you do and why?

Consider this and dozens of other case studies as you apply ethical guidelines, professional issues, the process of decision-making, as well as the consequences of unethical behavior.

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Decisions? Decisions! 3rd edition

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